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Bugout was founded in 2009 due to outbreaks of mosquitos in many corners around the world and have been striving to R&D mosquito repellents with natrual derived, natrual friendly, plant oils based and deet free ingredients. Our products are in forms of bracelet, wristband, patch, after bite eraser, spray etc which can keep you free from mosquitos in various situations. 

A couple of years ago,mosquito populations explode across s raising fears of disease carried by the insects. Combinations of warmer weather, heavy rainfalls and high tides have resulted in a boost in mushrooming mosquito numbers, which has helped to extend the mosquito season also. We have the mosquito season start earlier and earlier year afer year. There are around thousands types of mosquito across the world, and around dozens of these have the potential to cause public health concerns reported by the study. Apparently increased mosquito activity has also been reported in recent years.

A female mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs, meaning a single wetland can produce millions of new mosquitoes within a week, if the conditions are right. Onset of perfect breeding conditions has prompted health authorities to advise people to cover up and use insect repellent to protect themselves from viruses. 

Mosquitoes are native animals like frogs and fish, so they have to be learnt to deal with. We have to use very good mosquito repellents to keep them away.


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